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I had a man stating that he was raising money to go to acting school. I wrote a check to National Cash awards for a magazine for 2 years which cost me $50.00 he said that he would even walk my dog or mow my lawn.

The check was cashed and 6 months later nothing came. I tried to contact National Cash Awards but then i noticed the check was cashed under Kay's Natural,Inc. I am writing to say don't buy anything from these companies. If someone comes to your house i would only buy something if it is from a local school or local troop.

These 2 companies are complete frauds.....

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I have done my research and know that there are 2 company's with that name. But there is a Kay's Natural Inc.

that is cashing our checks and is a fraudulant company that everyone needs to know about. Unfortunately they need to be charged so it doesn't destroy the good of the real company.


Please do a little more research on the company that you are talking about. Kay's Naturals Inc.

is a natural food business that helps millions of people across our country. The company that you are looking for is

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